How to Invest ?


We all have the same question sometimes when it comes to money. How do we invest? Where do we invest? In a recent book I read by Tony Robbins “ Money Master the Game”. He interviewed someone that made a comment that stuck to me the most. His words were “its a jungle out there”. I must say it truly is because with all the information we have today it can make our decisions feel like we are in the jungle.

We feel like we are in the jungle because it is something we are not familiar with. There are no roads or paths, and there are no guides or maps. In this situation we ask the question a lot of How to Invest our money? I like to share 3 common ways to invest and do it in a smart way.

When it comes to investing you will hear a lot about analyzing and knowing the patterns of stocks. You will also see more how to time the market or beat the market but I want to say that you should ignore the noise of the jungle. Make your own path and just start. I say this because no one has control of anything with invest, the only control we have is to take action.

  1. Start a budget to save and invest the difference

This is the first step of taking action to building a start with investing. When you put your money into investments without having a budget then you are just making a gamble. If you do not have a plan then the money is going to be lost. I know this because I was in the same shoes before just hoping that stocks would go up or trying to plan the market. Investing can be just a simple plan to put money in the right place and follow the path. No need to worry or over complicate it all, do not try to analyze every single piece of information because it will become overwhelming.

Start with a plan and budget. Avoid fees and find an account that will give you something in return, even if you invest $1. There are a few brokerage firms and banks that will give you a lot for your money. One that I use that is simple and can give you money just for opening an account is Charles Schwab. This link will even give you $100 for free just to start. So, start with that and build more. Another great account that is simple is RobinHood , if you read their story its pretty amazing to how they started to change the market.

Budget each details of your expenses and income. Make a plan and take action to start investing because it will be the best decision to really being financial stable. Some may want to be rich fast but investing is a planned process. Some will say they got rich fast but avoid the noise and just make your own path.

2. Stay in the market and diversify

This can be a challenging point because it is our human instinct of when something goes wrong we want to avoid it. The lack of knowledge creates a fear but if we start simple and seek the guide of someone who has had consistent results then we build confidence. Seek someone who knows what they are doing and will look for your best interest. Since it is a jungle, look to someone who has results. Financial advice is everywhere but seek it yourself in books, online seminars , or a support group. These are simple starts to staying in the market and staying consistent.

Diversifying is an important topic and this can have so many meanings but for simplicity i like to just mention the basics. Start simple and just start. Keep your money in at least 3-4 places in the market.

  1. Stable Market

  2. Growth Market

  3. Aggressive Market

  4. International Market

Each one of these markets behave in different ways based on how the market is going. If one goes up the other is normally down and vice versa. This basic method prepares for any situation of the market, whether it goes up or down. Being prepared for the markets is a way of diversifying and making sure you do not keep all your money in one place. I plan to write more about each markets in details but this is a simple idea.

3. Find peace with what you have and give back

I know this is not a specific idea on the market or about money but this does help to create a stable financial goal. Everyone has a different reason for building money and wanting more of it. Finding what is right for you is what matters. Some will have more and some will have less but do not follow what others have because it will make you lose your own focus. Keep it simple and build your plan. Build your plan to be happy and give back. Give back the advice, give back time to someone who does not know, because giving back will bring you the next reward in your financial future. Investing is just a start for yourself to give back and invest in others. Investing in money is not the only success in life but helping others grow is a great investment.

I know that I am not a professional financial advisor but I am someone who likes to invest in other people’s dreams. I wrote this to express some ideas about investing money and in themself. Start with your plan and keep going. Keep going even when the times are bad because it will get better.

I created the REAL REBEL to find a rebel inside us all. I found it with creating a new side for business and being a rebel. We help find new ways to create new ideas and give support for your business.

Share your thoughts and give some feedback. I love to hear from you. Find the R3BEL.

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