How to Design Your Website?


How to Design Your WebSite?

So, where do you start? A business starts with an idea and then your website is the face of your business. There is a common saying “ Find something you love to do, and you will never work a day in your life “. Every business starts with an idea and a passion.

Creativity might not be your strongest point or the technical knowledge to start your website. You might be too busy managing sales calls and being the boss that you always wanted to be. Then, you find yourself needing help for the project of designing your website. In today’s day, information is all over the place, some free and some with a cost. Who do you trust? Can they really get your passion and idea?

When starting a project we ask two major questions.

Do you want to design and be part of every step and do it yourself?

Do you want to be hands off and just make the website your dream idea and hire someone to complete the work?

We use this simple example of making a homemade soup.

Option 1- Make the soup from scratch by yourself. You go to the store, buy the ingredients, chop each item all up and make the soup. Everything needs to be up-packed and then disposed of. Cleaning and cooking need to be done by yourself. Each step is done by you from the beginning to end.

This example shows how an application like WordPress or any other website designer builds a site from scratch. All the coding and features have to be built or use a third-party application to be configured into the website. You have to maintain and do updates. You could do this yourself or hire someone with this expertise. They give you all the tools but then you have to build it yourself.


Option 2-  Hire a service like BlueApron to up the process. They send you all the prepared ingredients so you don’t even need to leave your home or prepare anything. This cuts down the process and travel time. Then follow the recipe, add the ingredients , and cook. The process is still simplified with preparing and delivery but you still need to cook.


This example shows how other sites like Shopify, WordPress, and will give you the tools and some are prebuild and ready to setup but then you still need to design and manage. Anyone in this step that does not have coding experience or just does not have the time to learn the skill will use this option. It will have a higher cost because they charge a monthly service fee but it comes with all the services of making it simple for them to work with.


Option 3 – Hire a Food service to deliver the finished product directly to your door. Everything is done for you. You only need to see what is on the menu and you plan our delivery time and you have a homemade soup ready with no cooking or cleaning to do.


This examples shows what a finished product is all about. This site was built on SquareSpace. Now, not to say we have to build yours with the same service but they offer a complete package for support. They handle all the technical and design issues, so you don’t have to. They do not require much skill and the cost for a hired service like The Real Rebel LLC, is less because the technical side and managing side is bundled together. We still have a menu of services and we can still make some customization but with a service  like this everything is integrated together. Emails, Marketing and Sales are all handled directly with us and our service is tied together to support your business.

So, each situation and business is unique. Each has a different pricing and each has a different level of support.

Here at The Real Rebel LLC, we want to offer you a fully customized and supported website. We help with business organization and supporting your business needs. These are questions many people ask and with the help of a support team these questions can all be answered by someone who has the same passion to build together and design with your ideas. Look for someone who will design with your ideas and be a support for the whole way. Let’s work together. Find the R3BEL.

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