Want to start your own Business?


Want to Start your own Business?

Any business can be hard to start. I will be honest and give some simple advice, there is going to be a lot of uncertainty. The unknown will really take a big toll on you. If you can be positive and move pass all that, then you are one step closer to being a successful business owner.

I like to start with 9 simple points on starting a business and this is not a full proof plan but to serve as guide to understand what to do first.

  1. Evaluate Yourself

One should evaluate to see what you bring to any consumer that needs your services. Ask yourself these questions :

  1. What skills do you have?

  2. What is your passion?

  3. Are you an expert at that ?

Once you start to see what you have, you can then shape it into a business model.

2. What business do you want?

Once you find what you have and build on your skills you can start a business with a physical store or an online platform. An online presence is the simplest to start because it will cost the least with minimal effort. A physical location will require more money to start and far more physical aspects from inventory, furniture, and employees.

3. Do the market research

This point is probably just as important as the first one. Do the research. Research, research and do more research because it will let you see who and what other businesses are doing. Do not let the market scare you, just be inspired to do something better and different than them.

4. Make the business real

This step is taking real action. Anyone can say they want to start a business and have ideas but putting them on paper makes it real. Filling with the state and having a business bank account is one step ahead of those that just talk the talk.

Do all the legal processes like :

  1. Business structure (example. Sole Proprietor, LLC, C-CORP, S-CORP etc )

  2. Name of the Business

  3. Licenses

  4. EIN with the IRS

  5. Permits

  6. Business Bank Account

  7. Trademarks, Copyrights, Patents.

  8. Logo and Design

5. Business email and website

This step is important because you no longer want to use your personal email or just make the mistake of not having an online presence. A website will make your business real for someone to see what you can do. When you see someone using a gmail or yahoo mail, they are advertising the other company. The main point is to get your name showing as a real business name.

6. Accounting System

Organizing and setting a budget is part of having a business. This is the same as setting up a personal budget but with more details to your business expenses. Having a plan will help keep you organized and getting help with an account or bookkeeper will keep you from making mistakes later during tax time.

7. Develop a product or service

Now that you are at this step, keep going with ideas to find a product or service to sell. This can be anything from selling t-shirts, or to do car washes. Find something you will pay for and find a way to make it easy for your client to trust you. If you believe in it and something you find value then it will be a good start. A good vision starts with seeing a problem, and you finding a solution. Consumers are paying you to solve a problem.

8. Build a team

I think this is the hardest part of the process because as a business owner it will be hard to trust others. We might always think we can do it better than anyone else but try to let go of that. Concentrate what your skills are. One might not know everything and this is why building a team with special skills will help you succeed. Use your skills for your busy and then use other skills for your advantage. Always be open to learn and have others help. Be open to what you need and how you want to build the team.

9. Promote your business

You made it this far, now give yourself that boost of confidence. Tell everyone and anyone about it. It might feel weird at first but be happy to know that you are doing something that is yours. Start small with an email and use social media to get the word out. This will give you some momentum to keep going. Be open to give advice and help for free to build trust in your business and do not be afraid of rejection. Rejection is a building blocks to build your own self confidence.

Keep the thoughts alive and see what the REAL REBEL can do for your business. We support your needs. Find the R3BEL.

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