THe Real R3bel  


It all started when…

As a child, I was always interested in technology and how it worked. As a teenage novice computer technician, I would do free computer repairs for my friends and family members to take advantage of the knowledge I gained by taking their computers apart. I found that understanding how technology worked came easily to me. One of my first jobs came working for a large electronics retailer where I worked for over five years and rose to Computer Sales Supervisor within my time there. My favorite part of my work there involved speaking to customers, determining what their computer needs were and helping them choose the right kind of computer, with just the right features, for their individual needs. I have always was been the person to find and think of new ideas, the rebel in the room.

Contemporary businesses thrive on technology all the time. Over the last decade, I have experienced this as an employee for a large Fortune 500 company. This has helped me understand how a large organization is structured, and how critical technology is to operating a business of any size. I currently hold a Bachelors of Science in Information Technology and am CompTIA A+ & Security+ certified. I started my own business in website design and small business development from my passion for both information technology and small business structuring. Along with my small team, we can work with your business to determine the best web design for your needs and collaborate on ideas to structure your small business.



  • CompTIA A+

  • CompTIA Security +

Bachelors degree in

Information technology